The NoMad Hotel is certainly well-suited for the Instagram age. Seemingly everywhere you turn is another spot perfect for a photo op. Each entrance, room and hallway, has a distinct feel and dramatic lightening design. No one would blame you for wondering if the trendy New York establishment wasnt actually a grand set for a TV show or a movie.

But the lobby, restaurant and bars have an authentically lived-in air. And I find the atmosphere in the NoMad Bar, which is supposed to be a classic New York City tavern, to be particularly enjoyable. On most nights its bustling but if you find yourself there on a quiet afternoon, youll appreciate the soaring ceiling and the deep and comfortable booths. The bar was set up by the incredibly talented Leo Robitschek and is now run by the capable Pietro Collina. The drinks menu far exceeds any pub Ive been to before and offers a wide-selection of cocktails, beers, wines and even non-alcoholic concoctions. (The food menu is also impressive, which is no surprise since its the team from Eleven Madison Park that runs the hotels food and beverage program.)

So the next time youre in Manhattan stop by to try one of these five drinks.

Pineapple Julep

If youre not a Mint Julep purist youll enjoy this refreshing cocktail that calls for both Old Tom Gin and Genever as well as charred pineapple and Champagne vinegar.

Howie in the Jungle

Dont be fooled by the large bouquet of mint or the orange wheel, this is a serious tiki drink for adults. There are two types of bitter liqueur in the cocktail that give the mix of Cherry Heering and pineapple and lime juices, some depth and complexity.

Queen Bee

The Queen Bee is a recent non-alcoholic addition to the menu, which is a mix of barley tea and salted buckwheat honey. Perfect for one of these late winter afternoons when there is still a cold snap in the air.

Walter Gibson

Drinking with a like-minded friend? Order this twist on the traditional Gibson, which serves two and is a mix of vodka, gin, wine, vermouth and a green apple eau de vie. It comes in a beautiful glass bottle and is accompanied by a small bowl of pickled vegetables.


The bar also just added the Matchalada, which is creamy concoction that blends matcha tea with coconut and cold brew.

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