It seems whenever we suffer from ailments, we automatically turn towards drugs to give us the cure, when there are many natural ways to get the same or more effective cure for the ailment.

Certainly one that doesnt have the same side effects such as drowsiness.Many natural remedies you probably already have in your kitchen. If its within arms reach, and its all natural, then why not give it a try rather than running out, spending money and taking something that might help but will put you to sleep an hour later.

Case in point is garlic and onions. Both have been used medicinally for a long time and the benefits each possess are huge. Garlic can lower high cholesterol and blood pressure. Some even attribute it to preventing certain cancers. Onions are very similar and have been said to reduce symptoms of osteoporosis and even lower the risk of stomach and brain cancers.

Lets talk about these two powerhouses for treating ear infections. Both of these have been said to alleviate the pain of ear infections. They may even get rid of the ear infection altogether!
With onion it is said the best thing to do is to squeeze the onion to create a juice, then take drops of onion juice and put in your infected ear. With garlic you just wrap a piece of clove in tissue paper and then put it right in the ear.

Check out this video on the incredible health benefits of onion and garlic.

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Ear ache? Grab an onion!

After the crap hits the fan even the smallest of things can cause much pain and or threaten your way of life. I have tested this as well as using a potato in my room when sick to pull out infections or bacteria from the air. With that being said, I also use it in my ear(juice) to aid my body with recovery from a infection or ache due to being hit in the ear or cut that might get infected and cause a problem.
Onions are known to be a contact antibiotic and antibacterial...Meaning when put on an infection, they go to work on it! Its a expectorant and that is why its used when someone has a upper respiratory infection and are trying to breath better. Simply steep it and drink! I know, it taste nasty...but what do I always say? If it tastes good its most likely NOT good for us! Bitter is better and sour is power! 😉
Blessings to you and yours!

Place onion juice in ear and lay on other ear for a few moments. Allow it to "soak in" and when you feel it has done that stand up and let the onion juice drain out of the effected ear. I normally place a cotton ball in the hurting ear to allow heat build up and prevent cold air from blowing into the ear canal. This is similar to placing a warm cloth over the hurting ear. You dont have to do this but I prefer to. DO NOT place anything in the ear if you believe you have a hole in the ear drum, seek your Doctor right away. DO NOT place any chunks from the onion in the ear, this can get lodged in the ear and cause a hole in the drum OR even other further issues.
NOTE: onion juice wont act like RX ear drops that evaporate. YOU MUST drain the ear after you place the juice in it and massage the area. DO NOT leave onion juice in your ear. You will feel as though the ear is "full" when you place the juice in it to start with, this is normal and should go away when you drain the ear. -----much like getting out of the shower or pool and shaking the water out of the ear as you normally would.

This video is not intended to treat, diagnose, or cure any illness, please see your physician for medical advice.