Luann de Lesseps has PTSD — and she didn’t even know it!

The Real Housewives Of New York star made some life-changing revelations while seeking treatment for her alcohol abuse, which she underwent after she was arrested on charges of disorderly intoxication, battery on an officer, and resisting arrest with violence on Christmas Eve.

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While she originally said it was revisiting the location of her 2016 wedding to Tom D’Agostino — which ended in divorce seven months later — that drove her to drink that night, therapy made the 52-year-old realize another life event factored into her drinking: a scary car accident she’d gotten into almost twenty years ago.

In a new interview with People, the Bravo-lebrity explained she was left with unresolved emotions following the 1999 accident when she was in the car with her Victoria and Noel, who were at the time just 4 and 2. She recalled:

“I came down a mountainside in Switzerland. I thought I killed myself and my children. I never really faced that horrific accident, and through that and everything else, my emotions just crept up on me and drove me to the point of self-medicating with alcohol. People think it’s just about Tom. It’s not just about Tom.”

Scary! But… it’s also a lot about Tom.

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Following her divorce from the businessman, de Lesseps started drinking at least seven alcoholic beverages a day. She revealed:

“I would start with a martini and maybe have two martinis and then get into the wine at dinner. Then I’d have a little bit of vodka soda before going out. I would have the hair-of-the-dog drink the next day, and drink more, and it didn’t feel good.”

But no matter how much she drank, the alcohol failed to numb the pain — and it wasn’t until she sought treatment that a more insidious unresolved trauma presented itself:

“I had PTSD, and I didn’t even know it because all those years ago PTSD was not a real thing, especially in Europe. Nobody had ever heard of PTSD when I had my car accident. I never really treated that horrific accident that happened to me.”

Now having been properly treated, de Lesseps says she hasn’t been tempted to have a drink — however, she isn’t swearing off “good red wine” forever. She admitted:

“Will I drink again? I don’t know. I miss good red wine. Not to say that I’ll never have good red wine again. Who knows where we’ll all be tomorrow. For today, that’s the choice that I’m making for myself.”

Good for you, Countess!

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