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My name is Dorothy Spencer, and over the past 10 years, I've been working extensively in hospitals mainly in the Intensive Care Unit and in the out-patient department– two places where you usually see a whole lot of fatty liver disease sufferers ranging from acute elevations of liver fat to liver cancer and everything in between.

My experience as a liver/hepatology nurse for more than 7 years has taught me a sure-fire, proven and tested system that is backed by some of the top hepatologists in the country today.

In addition, the active medical research that I have been doing since the summer of 2004 specifically for fatty liver disease sufferers has led me to deliver this diet method to more fatty liver disease sufferers.

In addition, my private practice as a health consultant for fatty liver sufferers since early 2006 has given me an avenue to test this system out on clients with elevated liver fat on varying degrees. Hence, you see the unsolicited testimonials on this website.

As you will see in a little while, I have been devouring all the information that I can about the ongoing research on liver diseases. So caught up that I often get the latest research findings from different medical schools in the country even before they get published in medical journals to be circulated around the world.

Needless to say, I pride myself on being on top of this particular segment of nursing research.

I studied all of these from every angle possible. In the academe, I have been exposed to countless fatty liver disease cases in my extensive years of clinical rotations and being a researcher myself has helped me harness the skills and knowledge needed. There is very little that I don't know about fatty liver diseases.
Learn more: http://healthbeautyuss.com/the-fatty-liver-diet-guide.html
To learn more: http://healthbeautyuss.com/

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