A grieving California family was shamed by an anonymous neighbor for not decorating their home in a neighborhood known for its over-the-top Christmas decorations.

The Zarra family was heartbroken to discover a letter in their mailbox calling them “disrespectful” and “scrooges” for not participating in the neighborhood’s tradition of elaborate holiday decoration.

Homeowner Lyndia Zarra posted the nasty letter on Facebook where she’s received a ton of support.

But they have good reason to sit this year out.

Homeowner Lyndia Ives Zarra told FOX40 that she usually loves to decorate her home, especially with her mother Cheri’s hand-painted displays that she proudly shows off on the family’s front lawn.

But Cheri passed away from cancer recently and due to the grief over the loss of her mother, Lyndia refrained from decorating this holiday season.

Lyndia decided not to participate in the neighborhood’s holiday tradition in order to grieve the loss of her mother.  (FOX40 Sacramento)

“When you get a letter like that, it’s heartbreaking,” Lyndia told FOX40. “Because it’s not like I was trying to make the street ugly or whatever. I just had to deal with my family and I.”

Lyndia shared the nasty letter on Facebook where she’s received a lot of support.

“The past 4 months have been hard on my family,” the Facebook post read. “I was out of state for three months caring for my mother who had stage 4 liver cancer. She died in October. I had to handle everything before I could come home. I came home December 1.”

Lyndia, who said she’s participated in the neighborhood’s tradition for 6 Christmas seasons, addressed the “scrooge,” calling them a “coward” for hiding behind anonymity: “Please think before you shame someone on Christmas!”

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