Jersey Shore fans are ready for more Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, but is he ready for more Jersey Shore?

The reality tv icon teased that a much more mature situation would be gracing screens this month when the revival season of Jersey Shore Family Vacation premieres on MTV.

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Speaking to ET at the show’s premiere party, the 35-year-old opened up about getting sober and his attempts to get his life together following his tax evasion sentence earlier this year.

He dished to Katie Krause:

“[I’m] 28 months sober, I’m very proud, it’s one of my finest accomplishments and it was a huge challenge. It’s a ‘one day at a time’ thing and [I’m] just showing people that it’s very possible.”

Inspiring! But not promising for us fans who just want to see the Situation bang his head against a wall like he did in season 3.

While being brought back into a house fueled by drinking and debauchery (read: Snooki) is a bad idea for a recovering alcoholic, Sorrentino said he made sure to focus on his own health and not try to keep up with the rest of the gang:

“The mindset was coming from a grateful standpoint, a blessed standpoint. Stay in your lane and run your own race. They could be drinking, they could be having fun, but that’s not my race, because if I look over to the person next to me, guess what? I’m going to trip over my own feet and you’re going to win the race and The Situation is not going to let that happen.”

And don’t worry, fans — the Situation did not let sobriety keep himself from entertaining the masses:

“I challenged myself to have fun, dance, and be at a club till 5 am and show people it’s possible to have fun. And you’ll see, because The Situation turns up more than some people do when they’re even drinking.”

Eat your hair gel out, DJ Pauly D!

A big reason Sorrentino has remained dedicated to staying healthy is his longtime girlfriend Lauren Pesce. He gushed:

“Definitely, she is the one, for sure. She’s been through good times and bad times, the ups and downs, she saw me at my worst and she deserves me at my best.”

Life for the Sitch isn’t all sunshine and laundry, though. Sorrentino could face five years in prison after pleading guilty to one count of tax evasion in January alongside his brother Marc Sorrentino.

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Until his April 25 sentencing, the reality star has been making an effort to better the state that made him famous. He’s been serving as the director of public outreach for a New Jersey rehab facility and conducting speaking events for people who are struggling with addiction.

He explained of his new calling:

“I continue to better myself and I’m like, ‘How can I continue to better myself?’ and I’m like, ‘You know what, let me help others.’ So I’m trying my best to continue to take on challenges and continue to move forward.”

How admirable!

Even with the threat of jail time hanging over his head, Sorrentino says he is “at peace” with the impending sentencing — but is even more excited for the world to see the “new and improved Situation” in the upcoming season:

“I just want people to see the new Situation! The new and improved Situation. And you’ll be surprised what you see.”

Wow! He genuinely seems older, wiser, and overall less of a giant douche.

Let’s hope the rest of the cast isn’t, or we’re in for one tame, enlightened Jersey Shore Family Vacation on April 5.

[Image via MTV.]

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