Your head is pounding, and you can barely think, let alone open your eyes.

The pain almost feels nonsensical theres no real for your temples to be throbbing like this,yet here you are.

The unfortunate truth is, 18 million Americans suffer from migraine headaches. Though the pain is enough to make you want to run to the medicine cabinet and pop some pills, there are a few other waysto ease that discomfort.

A simple home remedy can truly work wonders. Here are seven to try out the next time your temples seem to have their own heartbeat.

1. Minimize Light

The lighter the room, the more tension-filled the headache.

Tryto close all the blinds, drop down the curtains, turn off all the lights, and maybe even go as far as donningan eye mask to block out light and allow so yourheadache can subside.

The darker the room, the better youll feel.

2. Try Deep Breathing Exercises

Theres a reason why meditation is a thing.

I dont know if youve noticed, but everything circles back to deep inhales and exhales.

Thats because breathing increases blood flow, andincreased blood flowleaves you feeling super calm, as your body savors the oxygen it needs.

3. Take A Shower

Other than just the straight-up amazing feeling, a hot shower actually has healing properties.

The moist heat from the steam warms the tissues of the body quicker than dry heat, because water transfers heat faster than air, according to

Let the water run down and soothe your aching temples.

4. TryA Warm Compress

Applya heating pad to the back of your neck, temples, or directly to your forehead.

A warm compress of any kind can work, whether it be a hot rag, water bottle, or even a heated corn sack.

Anything with heat works because it increases blood flow, reduces inflammation, widens/dilates blood vessels, reduces muscles spasms, and changes the bodys reaction to pain.

Damn. And I bet you just thought heat simply keeps you warm, huh?

5. Get A Massage

Recruit a loved one, and put him or her to good use.

Massages can increase blood flow and undo clenched muscles, thus relieving tension and allowing muscles to receive the oxygen-rich blood they need to heal.

If your significant other, little sister, or even your mom is moaning and groaning about giving you that massage, convince them that a good five minutes wont hurt.

Once the time isup, gently suggest five more minutes. Trust me. Works time.

6. Use Lavender Oil

Yes maam, oil has many uses.

You can either inhale it, or apply it directly to where you feel the pain.

To inhale lavender oil as a vapor, boil two to three cups of water, and apply two to four drops of the oil.

This canwork as an anti-inflammatory, it dilates blood vessels, regulates serotonin levels, decreases stress and anxiety, and it can help you sleep.

So, its safe to say lavender oil needs to find its way into your medicine cabinet ASAP.

7. Eat Watermelon

Oftentimes, headaches are caused by dehydration, so it would behoove you to eat foods high in water content.

Watermelon has a whopping 92 percent water content level. Not only that, but this refreshing fruit is also high in magnesium, which aids in muscle relaxation.

If you blend this fruit up into a juice-like consistency, feel free to add some ginger to the mix, which helps with nausea that may accompany yourheadaches.

Before you know it, youve got yourself your own magical, homemade potion.

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